American Political Zone: China, Iran, Communism, and the US with guests Brad Johnson, Dr. Carole Lieberman and Jennifer Kearns

With so many enemies both internal and external, why is Biden soft on China, Russia, and Iran? What is Twitter’s “bird watching” all about? Why so many lies on the TEVUS – a DHS data base who categorized the Islamist terrorists of 9/11 classified as white? Why are conservative voices being censored and why is the GOP doing so little to stand up and represent the citizens who voted them in? And what can we do to stop the madness before it’s too late?

Brad Johnson, CIA Chief of Station (Ret.), is President of Americans for Intelligence Reform and brings his 25 years of experience as a CIA Operative to news both global and domestic. He brings you his unique perspective from deep, international experience. Now retired, he formed Americans for Intelligence Reform to fight exactly the corruption and politics destroying our intelligence capabilities and threatening our national security.

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Host Frank Vernucco’s website is

Jennifer Kearns is host of the nationally syndicated show, All American Radio. for her podcasts

Carole Lieberman, MD, has a show on Voice America Talk Radio

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