Brad Johnson appears on McFiles with host Christopher McDonald

Retired after 25 years in the Central Intelligence Agency as Chief of Station, Brad is now President of Americans for Intelligence Reform.

Discussion of the declining state of our intelligence agencies and national security.


2 thoughts on “Brad Johnson appears on McFiles with host Christopher McDonald

  1. I’m getting Tenet giving distinction awards to Ana Montes vibes again. Oh, the irony. It was definitely a distinction alright, and not in a good way. It’s like taking recruiting advice from Michael Hayden, but rest assured, those gender neutral pronouns can stop the next crisis waiting around the corner.

  2. Shortly after the Putin-Biden call,
    all the sanctions against Russia (North Stream II and the 35 Russian officials)
    were withdrawn from the draft US defense bill.

    So much for warmongering.
    Btw Putin may be less afraid of conflict and sanctions not only because of his personal wealth.

    Russia has the 5th lowest national debt-to-GDP % in the world – <14%.
    Compare that to 130% in the US in 2020 and now probably even higher.

    Russia also has the 4th largest gold and currency reserves- mostly based on Euro, not dollar.

    Europe's reliance on Russian gas (as well as some regions in the US, Boston for ex)
    and skyrocketing energy prices surely make Putin very happy as well.

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