Brad Johnson: New analysis of Nashville Bombing

Anthony Warner named as Nashville Bomber

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3 thoughts on “Brad Johnson: New analysis of Nashville Bombing

  1. This case puzzled me what concerns me is this person really doesn’t have a footprint . Meaning that there is zero indication of him wanting to do something like this . Let alone the particular target. Obviously the target is rich with reasons given the current political climate. ( dominion office and Att central office ) . I agree with Mr. Johnson about its not likely to have been a missile . Not sure if ionized laser can be ruled out . I say that only because it seems that the explosion is so big . For a guy whom has zero footprint it seems odd he would or could have pulled this off . But take into account he could have been radicalized. I’m concerned with the link now being established with Antifa and Syrian training camps . (Ygp) The day Christmas Day ? Puzzling does it have meaning ? I think we’re under siege with various groups in the USA whom have come into contact with teachers of Terror . Leadership is required now to root the lines of leadership to these groups.

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