Brad Johnson on Aftermath of Capital Riot

What is in store now?

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11 thoughts on “Brad Johnson on Aftermath of Capital Riot

  1. The video ( of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt was published on Twitter by a person handled @theJaydenXander. It clearly shows Ashli stepping through the upper pane of glass in the barricaded double doors. At that moment, the dark suited black man, stepped out from the adjacent door frame, fired the pistol shot and Ashli fell back. Then one can see that 2 people behind her were 5 or so Capitol Police, some with AR-15s, that started to take charge. The camera also showed a gaggle of people, armed with their video cameras and phones wanting to capture the moment.

    I have heard about a person that was allegedly behind the shooter that apparently said the shooter “had to fire”. I have to disagree, but I wasn’t there and am not aware of their authorized rules of engagement.

  2. You need to see the different videos. She was climbing through an upper hallway window. It was not am accodental shot as clearly shown by the shooter moving forward to take the shot.

  3. You need to see the alternate videos. She was climbing through a broken upper hallway window. It was not accidental. The shooter moves forward to aim, stop steady to take the shot.

  4. Communications will be fully supressed. We see what’s happening in social media and big tech. Alternative safe networks are required for freedom of thought and exchange of ideas. These networks will be infiltrated and undermined. However they still need to be formed. Parler is just a stop gap and will fail due to Apple and Google removing the availability of the APP.

  5. Hi, I was browsing archived pages of your site and I noticed a huge change in content and site design after May of 2020.
    It appears to have been highjacked during the month of May while all the nonsensical material replaced what had been serious dialogue.

    What happened? Is that when you came up with the italian job? Its not done too well, won’t withstand any objective scrutiny. Please folks, remember, this is all to stir you into a religious war. Avoid jail, read your constitution.

    “Its easier to fool a man than to convince a man that he has been fooled.” -Mark Twain

    Oh, and that part of the video when the young lady is shot, its because she failed to heed the officers commands. A reckless criminal, thats all.

  6. Brad ~ couldn’t agree with you more!!! Pence is more than a disgrace to America…(shocked at the Republican traitors who jumped on Trumps coattails to get elected too) I’m reposting and spreading your video’s and name to every patriot I know. Yes, how promising about Camel-la. 😉

    Fervently praying for Country, President, TRUTH and JUSTICE The American Way!! Thank you for all you’re doing, please don’t stop because it gives me HOPE!!

  7. The deep issues of human nature will emerge imo. We live in a world which is spiritual at the core. Thinking derives from sources outside the human brain. Few discern their own inner thoughts. One word from a powerful spiritual source can change behavior instantaneously.
    What is happening today is meant to be. My view. D

  8. Newt Gingrich, whose wife is an ambassador to the Vatican, which is the legal owner of the Leonardo satellites, expresses his admiration for the traitor Mike Pence. But that’s probably just a coincidence.

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