CCP massive propaganda campaign may affect you

China is creating false social media accounts with some disturbing additions. Big Tech ignores. Brad Johnson asks whose side are they on?

3 thoughts on “CCP massive propaganda campaign may affect you

  1. I believe the USA 🇺🇸 is a captured nation at this point. I further assert treason on many forms and levels has occurred with respect to loyalty to the ccp as opposed to constitutional oaths. The USA 🇺🇸 needs to firmly address this level of spying and end all
    Business with companies tied to ccp members. If I were heading up the issue all embassies of all nations would be closed the United Nations building and visiting peoples with visas would be asked to leave and closed . The USA 🇺🇸 has to address the spying the biological attack and STOP 🛑 attacking its own people. I would assume those whom condone attacking fellow Americans likely have the arm of the CCP in their back . All visas throughout rescind and deal with our American people to end the biological attack .
    Each and every day we allow more spying the ccp will embed themselves into the fabric of the country.

  2. Here’s a few ways to stop this:

    • Remove and replace incompetent senior military leadership that thinks climate change/global warming/ice age hoax is the biggest threat and the politically correct useful idiots
    • Remove and replace compromised Congressional ‘intel’ committee chairs
    • Revoke all trade agreements with hostile nations or partners that decide to trade with hostile nations and or increase tariffs and all hostile nation companies
    • Ban all Chinese consulates in the U.S. and arrest all its operatives (after removing all U.S. consulates and businesses from China first to prevent capture and placing combined allied fleet in South China Sea and gaining foothold on all strategic locations in Pacific)
    • Remove green card amnesty and make obtaining visas more challenging
    • Increase vetting efforts of all given citizenship mainly originating from high value organizations like the nuclear labs associated with the military or biological research labs
    • Enact new federal regulations on federal funding of activities that finance hostile nations against U.S. interests
    • Revoke diplomatic immunity to hostile nation consulates

  3. So it’s clear for now ( no entry into the USA period ) also convene our intelligence groups from the military with input from the cia . Give a assessment of the extent of the ccp here in the USA . The other thing this should be done outside Congress and invoke lie detector tests on all sensitive government positions again and peoples that may or may not have exposure to the ccp. To include senate and representatives. Raise the national defcon level to 3 ( currently we have Africom and centcom on 3 ) the chatter alone from this will ferret the rats out.

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