China caught sending 20,000 fake IDs into USA

While unsolicited Chinese seeds appearing in mailboxes was strange, this isn’t. China was caught sending about 20,000 fake IDs and driver’s licenses across America. The IDs went to Chinese nationals (required by China to spy on us and therefore a danger) and illegal aliens just in time for our elections. Make no mistake, China has one plan for the U.S. – attack, diminish and destroy. And where is the intelligence community in all this? To Brad Johnson, they’re nowhere to be found. Once again, Obama and Brennan’s de-fanging of our intel capabilities continues to hurt our national security. Keep an eye on WA and OR, hotbeds of Chinese infiltration. Be sure to vote and vote for leadership willing to fight the biggest long-term threat – the Chinese Communist Party. They nip at our heels as we speak. Brad is a retired CIA officer and president of Americans for Intelligence Reform. He’s committed because our intel community has been crippled and left us wide open for attack.


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