China’s clever strategy to control sea trade routes

Taiwan is scrambling Chinese military aircraft using jets.

Almost completely ignored in the US, China continues its steady takeover of the South China Sea through military and legal threats to other countries. Brad Johnson analyzes this growing menace from Xi Jinping and the Communist government of China.

1 thought on “China’s clever strategy to control sea trade routes

  1. From what I have been reading both Japan and South Korea are going to elect China Hawks in their next elections, and the Philippines are building up their Navy. Granted they are smaller vessels but they would be useful for quick PT Boat style attacks on the larger Chinese Vessels. This information is saying that at least 3 of the Nations in that region understand the danger and understand that they will have to try and help Taiwan and hope that more of the Island Nations will sent planes and ships to the fight against China. I also saw a report that the British carrier group has been deployed to the Far East for an indefinite period to counter the Chinese aggression. My understanding is that this carrier group is suppose to replace one of the US carrier groups that we all know Biden won’t allow to move against China. The big question is will China make their move on Taiwan before the 2024 elections were there is a good chance Trump will be reelected? If they make there move now they will have a little over 3 years to seize and fortify a bunch of islands that we would have to retake after we get a President with pair. Another question is does Taiwan have Cruise Missiles that can reach the 3 Gorges dam and do they have the will to use them as a Sampson option as they are being conquered by Red China? China keeps talking about total war and that would be total war.

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