Christopher Hull, PdD: Skewed Data, Partisan Spying, and “Terrorist” Parents

 Skewed Data, Partisan Spying, and “Terrorist” Parents:

The Increasing Impact of Woke Forces Operating Inside the U.S. Security State


The New Direction Foundation Conference in Warsaw, Poland

Panel: “The Clash of Cultures in the US: How Will it Affect the World?”

November 4, 2021


This paper explores the impact of the U.S. culture clash on the country’s domestic security state, presenting evidence that “woke,” i.e. postmodern leftist, and/or left-leaning partisan forces within American law enforcement and institutions are moving rapidly from deception towards repression, with negative implications for the rest of the world including especially the European Union (EU) without preemptive action.

Specifically, the study first details evidence suggesting systematic tampering with taxpayer-funded open source intelligence (OSI) terrorism data, indicating that since their inception the Obama and Biden Administrations have sought to shield favored extremists and target domestic political enemies.  Second, it presents a report on Congressionally obtained documents raising questions about two senior Pentagon officials who have shifted U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) research away from statutory mandates to evaluate global threats, and toward woke causes and targeting political opponents.  Finally, the paper lays out the Biden Administration’s recent law enforcement targeting of American parents’ growing disgust in regime school board meetings with woke causes as potential “domestic terrorism.”

The study closes with recommendations for patriotic U.S. allies to privately and if necessary, publicly push back from overseas against woke forces inside the American security state, as well as to engage with like-minded patriots both inside and outside the country’s bureaucracy.


The clash of cultures in the U.S. increasingly appears to be an ideological struggle.

On one hand, like most Western republics, America’s institutions have increasingly come to be dominated by the continuously evolving brand of green ethno-sexual socialism that has evolved over the last century in neo-Marxist thought, popularly termed the “woke” movement.[1]  This postmodern, purportedly “social justice” orientation might be thought of as America’s Radical Left, as opposed to its Patriotic Liberals on the political Left who merely embrace a more generous state, but one that still preserves Western freedoms.

On the other hand, again like most Western republics, America’s institutions have become increasingly hostile to the nation’s Patriotic Conservatives, that is, the outspoken defenders of the country’s historically classical Western, Judeo-Christian values, who treasure human life as a God-given creation, ordered liberty of the individual to pursue the good life as opposed to license to sin and degradation, and the pursuit of happiness with literally sacrosanct property rights.[2]

In this context, the effect of the clash between these two forces on the rest of the world hinges at least in part on the degree to which America’s Radical Left wrests control of the U.S. security state away from both Patriotic Liberals and Conservatives.  After all, to the extent that America’s security state – that is, its federal law enforcement, homeland security, intelligence, and military agencies – leave the control of patriots grounded in Western values on either the Right or the Left and enter the control of those on the Radical Left, the country will be increasingly transformed not only into a repressive regime domestically, but a force for imposition of evil internationally as well.

Of course, there also exists a Radical Right in the United States.  Many on the Left – both radicals and liberals – contend at an ever-increasing pitch that these Radical Right forces, comprising neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other nefarious illiberal and anti-democratic elements, constitute the greatest threat to Western liberty.  They point to the Administration of former President Donald Trump in particular, mostly objecting to policy broadly supported by the rest of the country, but also objecting to his behavior, especially after his presidential election loss in 2020.[3]

By contrast, this study puts forward evidence that the Radical Left has not only penetrated the U.S. security state, but appears to have deliberately and systematically skewed its data on terrorism and extremism to mislead the American public by amplifying the threat from the Right and whitewashing violence by the forces of Islam and radical Leftists, and then weaponized America’s security state against the Left’s internal political opponents, including President Trump – and now American parents.[4]

Broadly, woke forces have largely succeeded in capturing what the early 20th Century Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci called the “instruments of consciousness,” and what late 20th Century Marxist Louis Althusser evolved to the concept of an “ideological state apparatus” – that is, the labor unions, media entities, educational institutions, legal systems, and government bureaucracies, and increasingly even religions and families themselves.[5]

As the paper below demonstrates, starting under the Obama-Biden Administration and now again under the Biden-Harris Administration, the American Left has increasingly translated this ideological apparatus control into sway over what Althusser called the “repressive state apparatus,”[6] that is, the military and police forces, slowly weakening them and/or turning them against ever-more mainstream conservative forces in America, including most recently parents vociferously objecting to their children’s indoctrination, coupled with onerous COVID-related mask and vaccine mandates that effectively sort regime supplicants from free thinkers.

Below this study presents a narrative from 2008 until the current year, highlighting cases that suggest the move from a U.S. security state dominated by counterterror warfare in the wake of 9/11 towards one dominated by a woke Left steering the country ever closer to repression of its political opponents across the board.  By contrast, it also presents


  1. Skewed Terror Data

To begin, on Oct. 30, 2008, campaigning in in Columbia, Missouri, then Presidential candidate Barack Obama proclaimed, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”[7]  Indeed, five days later, on November 4th, 2008, Barack Obama and Joe Biden were elected president and vice president of the United States, and that transformation began.

With respect to the American security state in particular, in March, 2009, then-President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano famously refused to use the word terrorism, preferring the term “man-caused disaster,” saying doing so showed “we want to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur.”“[8]

President Obama similarly justified avoided using terminology like “Islamic terrorist,” claiming, falsely,[9] “there’s no religious rationale that would justify in any way any of the things that they do.”[10]  Likewise, when thirteen people were killed and dozens more wounded at Fort Hood, Texas, the Obama-Biden Pentagon called it “workplace violence.”[11]

That is all well-known in the U.S.  But what was not as well-known was that at the same time Napolitano was testifying, under her leadership the Obama-Biden Administration behind the scenes was creating the Terrorism and Extremist Violence in the United States – or “TEVUS” – database.[12]  TEVUS, according to its homepage:

…compiles behavioral, geographic, and temporal characteristics of extremist violence in the United States dating back to 1970.  Through the portal, users are able to build search queries based on four data types including specific events, perpetrators of an act of terrorism or an extremist crime, groups, and/or court cases related to terrorism and extremist crime in the United States.”[13]

So TEVUS is an open source information (OSI) database available to the public of terrorism and extremist violence in America.

The problem is that according to a multiyear analysis I released under the auspices of Americans for Intelligence Reform, TEVUS’s impressions of who exactly engages in extremist violence appear to slant the wrong way.[14]

Specifically, the study found, TEVUS is riddled with inaccuracies and outright factual errors.  Moreover, the vast majority of these errors obscure Islamic, Left-Wing and Black Nationalist violence, and instead highlight Right-Wing violence.  In fact, TEVUS simply omits a substantial number of non-White perpetrators of terrorism and extremist violence, and in some instances even misrepresents their races.[15]  For instance, the database classifies every one of the exclusively Arab 9/11 hijackers not as “Arab,” which is an option in the database, but instead as “White/Caucasian non-Hispanic.”[16]

Similarly, TEVUS characterizes both Left-Wing and Islamic extremist crimes as hijackings, hostage takings or armed assaults rather than “homicides.”  By so doing, TEVUS can categorize a towering 89% of “homicides” as Right-Wing.[17]  That flies in the face of the fact that the 9/11 jihad attacks alone led to nearly 3,000 total deaths[18] – which of course TEVUS attributed to whites anyway.[19]

In addition, the federally funded terror database simply leaves out large numbers of those implicated or convicted of terrorism charges.  For instance, TEVUS excludes or mischaracterizes 73% of those on a Congressional list[20] of individuals implicated in terrorism from March 2014 to June 22, 2016.[21]  Likewise, TEVUS excludes or mischaracterizes 96.4% of the individuals on the Department of Justice’s public list[22] of individuals convicted of terrorism and terror-related charges between 9/11 and the end of 2014.[23]  Finally, TEVUS excludes fully 98%[24] of “Killings in the Name of Islam” since 9/1 as documented by[25]

Moreover, TEVUS also excludes major sources of the Radical Left’s violence.  For example the database, which purports to include extremist violence, contains not a single Antifa crime – nor Antifa itself. [26]  In particular, TEVUS contains neither Eric Clanton, the convicted Antifa protestor who assaulted another man with a bike lock at the Berkeley Antifa rally on April 15th, 2017,[27] nor the incident itself. [28]   Note that Antifa does not appear in the Obama-Biden Administration’s terrorist database even though the Administration’s Department of Homeland Security formally (though internally) classified the movement’s activities as “domestic terrorist violence” and its participants as “domestic terrorists.”[29]  TEVUS also does not include Black Lives Matter, whose activists and supporters have allegedly killed at least 11 and wounded at least nine police officers since 2014?[30]  Finally, the Obama-era public terror database also excludes the Occupy Movement, as well as all five of the Occupy-linked men[31] who allegedly attempted to blow up a bridge in Ohio in 2012, one of whom pled guilty to “conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, and malicious use of an explosive device to destroy property used in interstate commerce,” [32]  and three more of whom were convicted with the judge supporting a request for “terrorist enhancement” to their sentences.[33]

Furthermore, the Obama-Biden Administration’s public domestic terrorism and extremist violence database omits not just Radical Left groups and their adherents as noted above, but also other extremists explicitly associated with the radical Left.  For instance, TEVUS fails to include the name of James ‘Tom’ Hodgkinson, [34] the mass shooter who shot U.S. House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., putting him in critical condition.[35]  Nor does the database identify Hodgkinson as “Left-Wing,”[36] even though mainstream media reports identified him as a “leftwing activist;” he was described by a neighbor as a “liberal Democrat;” he had posted “I want Bernie to win the White House;” Sanders had acknowledged he had “apparently volunteered” for the Sanders campaign;” and he had posted before the shooting, “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”[37]  In fact, when Hodgkinson entered the baseball field where he was to open fire, he had even “asked if it was Republicans or Democrats” practicing on the baseball field and was told it was Republicans before opening fire.[38]  Yet even with all this evidence, TEVUS does not flag him as Left-Wing.[39]   

Another even more extreme example of TEVUS excluding Radical Left extremists: At some time during the Trump Administration, the database’s researchers actually removed the Left-Wing ideology notation for the confessed[40] gay[41] terrorist[42] who carried out the 2012 attack against the politically conservative Family Research Council,[43] even though his only known statement around the attack was, “I don’t like your politics.”[44]

By contrast, the Obama-Biden Administration’s public terror database identifies a spectacular array of events and court cases as “Right-Wing,” virtually always without any mention of terror.  In fact, only a single one of TEVUS’ descriptions of all 244 first-degree related Right-Wing events includes a mention of “terror” in any context – and that was a case in which the attacker referred to his target as a “terrorist” and a “suicide bomber.”[45]  Similarly, not a single one of TEVUS’ descriptions of the 39 court cases it characterizes as Right-Wing include a reference to a federal terrorism charge. [46]

In short, TEVUS appears to be a carefully-crafted, taxpayer-funded attempt to whitewash Islamic, Arab, and Left-Wing terrorism and extremist violence, while amplifying white and Right-Wing violence to the maximum extent possible – up to and including using outright falsehoods.




  1. “Office of No Threat Assessment”

Going beyond weaponizing taxpayer funding to support woke narratives, two senior U.S. Pentagon officials still in place today have actually underwritten an individual known to have spied on a rival presidential campaign.  This study builds on past work by presenting documents obtained from the U.S. Congress that indicate the DoD dynamic duo underwriting a domestic intelligence gatherer should not occupy the jobs from which they did so.

Specifically, those newly released materials suggest that James H. Baker – whom the Obama-Biden Administration selected as the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA) Director[47] and who remains in the position to this day[48] – was facially unqualified for the position.[49]  They also indicate that Andrew D. May, another current top ONA official, “rigged” his own hiring process not once but twice.[50]

Both officials have a track record of dovish policy positions.  For instance, Baker once wrote in a document for then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullen, “Losing Taiwan to China would not be a great insult to U.S. national interests,” and therefore, “Should be last and least important to emphasize.”[51]  Likewise, Baker also questioned core U.S. alliances with Australia and Israel.[52]  Similarly, May opposed the creation of a rival strategy unit over concerns military assessments would be more hawkish than those of civilians like himself.[53]

More generally, for many years, ONA has failed to meet its statutory duty to provide global enemy threat assessments relative to American forces.  In fact, Pentagon military officers have come to call ONA the “Office of No Threat Assessment.”  In response, a leading Congressional figure has initiated an increasingly intense inquiry into ONA under Baker and May, calling the office “a case of waste, fraud and abuse.”[54]

But under Baker and May’s leadership, this top Pentagon strategy shop has also pivoted to engage in woke policy stances.  For instance, it paid for research into climate change alarmism,[55] whether Americans are “war-like people,”[56] and asking if the national security bureaucracy contained enough “coastal elites,” [57] rather than performing net assessments of America and its enemies.

Finally, and most critically, one U.S. Congressional leader has raised questions[58] about ONA’s payments of more than $1 million[59] to Stefan Halper, a central figure[60] in the now-debunked Russia collusion narrative, who secretly recorded Trump campaign officials during the so-called Crossfire Hurricane investigation by the FBI.[61]


  • Are Concerned Parents Terrorists?

This brings us to the insistence by the current Biden Administration upon a federal-led law enforcement investigation of American parents expressing concern in local school board meetings with respect to woke indoctrination of their children.

Specifically, during the twin crises caused by the deliberate spreading to other countries including America and Italy of COVID-19, also known as Xi’s Disease, by officials of the Chinese Communist Party, as well as the more than 600 riots engineered in part by the self-identified “trained Marxists” leading the Black Lives Matter movement, American parents began to speak out ever-more forcefully to regime school officials to express concerns over radical woke policies and indoctrination imposed on children.  Those concerns included inter alia unnecessary and potentially counterproductive mask and vaccine mandates, neo-Marxist critical race theory (CRT) training and struggle sessions, and forcing mentally ill male students into female bathrooms.

In particular, on June 22, 2021, in Loudon County, Virginia, local law enforcement arrested a father after a confrontation over allowing male transgender students to enter female bathrooms.[62] In response to this disturbance, as well as the broader escalating fury at regime school officials, instead of retreating from these radical policies, the Biden White House worked with the U.S. National School Board Association (NSBA) to craft a September 29, 2021 request for a federal law enforcement-led investigation of the parents, which NSBA charged were engaged in “domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”[63]  In response, on October 4th, 2021, the Biden Administration directed federal law enforcement to tackle “threats” against school administrators and staff.[64]

It turns out, however, that the father arrested in Loudon County and made the face of the “domestic terrorism” threat, Scott Smith, was in fact a parent whose daughter was raped by a “gender fluid” boy in a skirt in a school bathroom.[65]  Loudon County school officials, it was subsequently learned, had lied about that rape, as well as another committed by the same mentally ill boy after his mere transfer to another school.[66]

Since that time, four states’ school board associations have withdrawn from NSBA, and at least three more said they would reassess their membership in the organization.[67]  In response, the NSBA has told its members, “we regret and apologize for the letter.”[68]   Yet even after acknowledging that the disavowed letter directly led to its federally led investigation of parents, the Biden Administration has refused to call that investigation off.[69]



Taken together, these increasingly serious red flags suggest that woke and/or partisan forces operating inside the U.S. security state are making the transition from driving deceptive leftist narratives to repressing domestic political opposition.  The consequences for the rest of the world may be dire as America’s external security stance continues to shift away from defending freedom towards enforcing global leftism, with significant downsides for U.S. allies including within the EU.  Those allies should seek to stem similar outcomes in their own nations’ bureaucracies, and increasingly call out – and push American intermediaries to remedy – these problems in the U.S. security apparatus.

That said, U.S. elections have delivered a couple of shocking setbacks to the American Left in the drive described in this study.  First in 2016 and then on Tuesday, November 2nd, American voters surprised U.S. Leftists with stunning electoral defeats.

After the 2016 election, in which Trump was elected, the Left successfully turned back most of the attempts to regain Constitutional control over the U.S. repressive state apparatus, which was used effectively against the Right’s presidential candidate, who became the popularly elected president.

It remains to be seen how America responds to the 2021 elections, in which voters not only snapped back dramatically toward the Right, but away from woke policies in particular – the latest threat to the U.S. Radical Left’s otherwise tightening grip on power.

America’s allies, including especially patriotic forces in the EU, should capitalize on this opportunity to check the U.S. Radical Left’s drive to impose woke values both within its own increasingly porous borders as well as worldwide.  They can do this in part by privately, and if necessary publicly, naming and shaming those within the U.S. security state and its diplomatic corps (long since lost to the Radical Left) who are making those attempts, and by working with likeminded elements within and without America’s bureaucracies.

Acknowledging that such approaches have likely costs, the long-term impact of the increasingly complete woke capture of America’s security apparatus on the country’s erstwhile allies cannot be easily calculated.


About the Author

Christopher C. Hull, Ph.D., is the President of Issue Management Inc., a full-service public affairs firm focused on grassroots mobilization to achieve policy results.   He has taught politics as the Institute of World Politics, Georgetown University, and George Washington University.

Dr. Hull has also served as a Chief of Staff and Press Secretary in the U.S. House of Representatives, Assistant to the Director of Communications of the Republican National Committee, a legislative aide in the U.S. Senate, and a researcher in a major think tank.  He began his career as an intern in the White House and then as a full-time volunteer in the Issues Group of the Bush-Quayle ’92 Campaign.

Dr. Hull holds a doctorate with distinction in American Government from Georgetown University, with minors in Public Policy and Political Philosophy, where his thesis was nominated for the American Political Science Association’s E.E. Schattschneider Prize for Best Dissertation of the year in Political Science.  He also holds an undergraduate degree magna cum laude in Comparative Government from Harvard University, where his senior thesis focused on grassroots mobilization and democratization in Europe.

Dr. Hull is the author of Grassroots Rules published by Stanford University Press, a book on retail politics in the U.S. presidential nomination process.  He has published more than 100 book chapters, peer-reviewed articles, conference papers and op eds.

In addition, Dr. Hull has been published or quoted in television, print, radio and online outlets including the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, USA Today, NPR, MSNBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, National Journal, CNBC, The Hill, New York Newsday and U.S. News & World Report. 

Dr. Hull can be contacted in the United States at +1 202-258-9710 or via email at



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2 thoughts on “ Christopher Hull, PdD: Skewed Data, Partisan Spying, and “Terrorist” Parents

  1. At least it’s good to know that Garland’s the poster child of being the NKVD equivalent of targeting dissidents. LifeLog for example created Facebook, too many people think Zuckerberg was the inventor but he was merely a front man. So using private third party companies to target your own service members and citizens over foreigners is nothing new under the sun.

  2. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is the number one terrorist threat to the American people. This thoroughly politicized and weaponized institution wages a proxy war on the American people by using domestic and international operatives under the protective umbrella of their confidential informant program to traffick narcotics, enable sex trafficking, launder money for political purposes, murder innocent Americans, and manufacture crimes against their political enemies. My dying wish would be to see the FBI answer for their crimes before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing followed by their complete defunding. I will spend every day until my last day and last breath working towards that end. America can not survive our current crisis with that agency intact. It is irredeemable.

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