Defend or Defund? Your vote decides.

Defend or Defund?

Glass litters the streets from the darkened shop windows, thugs throw fists at each other as they loot and destroy the dreams of hard-working Americans.

Where do you find this destruction? New York City? Baltimore? Los Angeles? Raleigh, North Carolina? You are correct if you were thinking all the above. These cities share a common factor, Liberal run governments. With each election, the growing destruction and anarchy spreads to areas where Liberals come to power and call for defunding the police.

Do you want anarchy and destruction to come to a quiet town like ours? Stand against the violence and elect conservative representative Jamie Boles who has an outstanding history of supporting our law enforcement officers and first responders that work tirelessly to keep us safe. Do not defund local law enforcement in the face of rioters in our streets. Jamie Bole’s opponent wants to defund the police and that will bring violence and destruction to our doorstep which will rip our community and economy into pieces.

Remember conservatives like Jamie Boles this election. Vote for our blue, vote for the safety of our businesses and community, vote against domestic terrorism.

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