As the fragile situation in the Mediterranean and Eurasia threatens to ignite into war, Greece is up against an old foe, Turkey. Many complexities exist and several countries are in the throes of this and other conflicts. A panel of experts gathered to share analysis of what could have serious repercussions for the West.

Brad Johnson, one of the participants and a retired senior CIA operative and station chief, joins the others sharing his expertise in the areas. After his 25 years of service, he now devotes his time to his non-profit Americans for Intelligence Reform as President. AIR brings you world and domestic news you will seldom hear on mainstream media. The voice of independent media can only be heard by sharing how to access it and we encourage you to subscribe. Check out our playlist on Turkey for other videos and if you would like further background. Visit as well.

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  1. Many people don’t know that Lord Byron led the charge to free Greece from Turk occupation in the 1800s. It’s sad to think occupation and destruction of the Greece we know could happen again.

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