Greece and Turkey rattle sabers as Russia readies to pounce. An update.

Cutting down olive groves? Moving armaments to the border? Conflict between Turkey and Greece is escalating once again and may lead the U.S. to have to take sides should a war break out. Who else will join in the fray? Will the Turks press on until the Ottoman empire rises again? Russia may get involved as a Greek ally, further complicating any conflict. Brad Johnson, former Senior CIA Operative and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, brings us up to date on what many in the States overlook that could bring deadly consequences.


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2 thoughts on “Greece and Turkey rattle sabers as Russia readies to pounce. An update.

  1. Is more important othoman mullah,Uighur from s.china than Greece,democratia,istoria,maths,grams,fysiki,microeconomia,arhitectoniki,philosophia,theatra,musiki,logiki,klassiko,psychologia,phono,fotos,zoo(zoa),lycea,academies,athletica centra, Olympic?Theologia and spirit? Only oil(ladi,a Greek word too),money and blood is important? Othomans are murderers and genocidal state worse than Serbian Milosevic! If US and Trump thinks that barbars are very important they should change history! West has Greek values!Not Mongolian! I think we are very very important! If Turks wants empire and Erdogan read Hitler,all of you(and Russia) are responsible for his crimes!

  2. Hi Mr Johnson

    Thank you for all your incite and expertise. I am from Canada and usually what your interviews on Vlad Tepes blog. As of yesterday I can no longer access that site, was wondering if Vlad was aware and if so is he moving his server?

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