Harvard Chemistry Chair indicted on 6 Federal counts

Former Chair of Harvard University's Chemistry Department, Charles Liber. He faces jail time for questionable relations with the CCP.

This is a follow up to a prior interview about Charles Lieber, the former head of Harvard University’s Chemistry Department. He is accused – as he should be, says Brad Johnson – of selling secrets to the Chinese government.

1 thought on “Harvard Chemistry Chair indicted on 6 Federal counts

  1. Lieber takes the fall but not Mengele Fraudchi. Those Pentagon funds going over there was a little more than testing sand flies. Alphabet soup agencies took over Escobar’s business after he was killed by the death squads, or as some put it, democracies equal mob rule. The whole Lieber case being promoted by Rupert Murdoch C_A outlets, CommieCast media, and big tech soCIAl Mossad media matrix is no different than the chicoms. Plus Unit 8200 of Mossad in Silicon Valley peddling this story ignores the Maxwell trial that’s being run by Comey the Commie’s daughter to cover for the Clintons.

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