History of communist revolution circa 1950s video


Raise your hand if you embrace communism and want to see it in the U.S. Or do you agree the history of communism demonstrates the inevitable horrors it brings? BLM (the organization) and Antifa would very much like the U.S. to dump capitalism and embrace a hard left socialism/communism despite it’s long history of murderous dictators. In this interview, Brad shows a 1950’s movie produced during the Cold War with a clear warning to us. Education is sorely needed for our young who increasingly embrace it as a good system. In his 25 years as a senior CIA operations officer, Brad Johnson has seen first hand the oppression of this philosophy under which an estimated 100 million have died, starved, imprisoned and brutalized. Please share, especially pro-socialism people you know. We appreciate your likes and subscriptions. Now retired from the CIA, Brad is president of non-profit Americans for Intelligence Reform.

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