India battles the Big Guy – China

The flags of China and India

China continues its quest to control the South Pacific region, including India. In response, India has acquired a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile with a 5,000 kilometer range.
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2 thoughts on “India battles the Big Guy – China

  1. Ah yes, Reuters, the same Reuters that is sponsored by Pfizer. I don’t expect a big pharma lackey to report the fact that nukes are outdated weapons, especially ICBMs. Though mass launching short ranged nuke-loaded artillery strikes sounds terrifying, the thing is it can all be wiped out with a single rod from space that can create earthquakes or tsunami-like waves in the ocean. Not to mention railgun weapons are far cheaper and more accurate/reliable than nukes. Plus super sonic sound weapons and all those other sci-fy/reality things do exist, so again the nuke topic isn’t really that concerning, unless it’s the hypersonics type. This is all public information, and it’s even admitted in those whitepapers from the think tanks of death the alphabet soup agencies love so much.

  2. Another thing about satellites, space-based laser satellites are also outdated because it can easily be intercepted by drones from space. But that’s crazy talk, those ships that were flying around are aliens! Definitely not old footage flexing muscle to show superiority in a domain. Because NASA’s studio green screen model rockets or SpaceX’s Elon Musk are definitely the only things at our disposal and nothing else. /s

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