Military Brass’ warning to Congress: China – aggressive threat world-wide

Map detailing China's financial stake in African contries. (Courtesy Daily Mail)

Department of Defense’s Military Command Generals testified to Congress with a stern warning about China’s destructive world-wide campaign. Belt & Road projects to finance and build infrastructure a key threat. African coastal land a current victim.

Brad Johnson retired as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations. Having served domestically and abroad, many assignments included areas of armed conflict. He served overseas in direct support of the War Against Terrorism and he took multiple assignments overseas as Chief of Station.

A certified senior expert in counterintelligence, surveillance and surveillance detection, his proven expertise in dangerous operational environments included the highest level of training available in the USG and globally. His tradecraft expertise was put to test in dangerous, difficult, and restrictive operational environments.

Brad is an enrolled member of The Cherokee Nation, a Federally Recognized Tribe.

In the summer of 2017, he founded the non-profit organization Americans for Intelligence Reform to create awareness of political corruption and the resulting diminished capabilities within the intelligence community. Serving as President, he brings you his unique perspective from deep, international experience and conservative, Christian values.

1 thought on “Military Brass’ warning to Congress: China – aggressive threat world-wide

  1. With the expansion outpacing our ability to keep up. It will leave areas vulnerable and China will succeed in their efforts. But what has become more worrisome to me is if we leave the homeland vulnerable. I do believe China is and has been waging insurgency type
    Non kinetic war against the USA for some time. This invest by them makes it dangerous and they will need to claim a boisterous victory if you will. Thereby I’m worried they advance kinetic actions against the USA. ( I’m not bringing up bio right now ). The bases being placed where they are in Africa means they can service South America as well.
    I suspect we will soon have a version of the Cuba missile crises.

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