Moore County Board of Education Robin Calcutt hides behind a veneer of decency and devotion.

Moore County Board of Education Robin Calcutt hides behind a veneer of decency and devotion.


But when it comes to being associated with and supportive of radical Left forces seeking to undermine public education and our communities at large, Robin does not bother to hide. She locks arms with and welcomes the support of pro-marijuana, pro-student grooming activist Lowell Simon; embraces school board chair and candidate Pam Thompson, who votes against every measure to restore educational norms and security in Moore County Schools; and runs in tandem with fellow candidate Rollie Sampson, who defends transgender grooming of students on the false premise that pronoun fluidity prevents suicide.

Meanwhile, a citizen led campaign has exposed the reality that many books in Moore County schools contain vile language, graphic sexual grooming narratives, sodomy, prostitution of minors, normalization of sexual assault and more smut.

This content entered our schools when Calcutt was a principal (New Century Middle School and West Pine Middle School), and when she was Director of Planning and Accountability in the School Administration, 2016 to 2018. Was she woefully ignorant or willingly compliant? That is the question her friends across the community refuse to answer.

Robin is running for school board this November 2022. She has aligned her campaign with two other candidates running for here in Moore County, Sampson and Thompson.

New school board members (as of 2021) made numerous attempts to remove inappropriate content from schools despite zero cooperation from chair Libby Carter, who has been on the school board since 2015, and then-co-chair Thompson, who completes her second full term in 2022 (now seeking reelection). Fellow members Stacy Caldwell (not seeking reelection) and Ed Dennison (not seeking reelection) were also unsupportive of removing the content from the schools.

Thompson cast the deciding vote to keep age-inappropriate books in our elementary schools. Both Rollie and Robin have publicly stated many times that they too would have cast the same vote to keep inappropriate books in our schools.

The biggest red flag to pay attention to is that Robin Calcutt was a champion of the problem when Moore County Schools desperately needed solutions. As director of Planning and Accountability, Robin reported for work every day and, by doing so, under the guidance of then-Superintendent Robert Grimesey, set our schools on a course toward failure and routine campus violence.

Her planning and accountability task force earns a failing grade. Today, five years onward from her tenure, Moore third graders read and do math well below grade-level proficiency, our high school seniors graduate lacking basic proficiency, and our schools remain vulnerable to deadly assaults because no resources have been allocated to staffing and training security.

This is Robin Calcutt. She’s a nice lady. But nice only counts at picnics and fundraisers. Nice fails to educate and protect our students and teachers from a persistent downward spiral that never ends.

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