OANN: Right Wing Terror: What’s the Truth with Chris Hull.

CNN’s Cuomo: Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Verdict Was ‘Justified’: ‘What We Should Want Every Time’ (Daily Wire)

In this throwback from last year, you can see a serious problem facing the US – the faulty definition of terrorism. Senior Fellow, Americans for Intelligence Reform and PhD, Christopher Hull has dug deep into the how distorted our government has been. And now we see a lot of backpedaling by mainstream media as they try to avoid massive lawsuits for defaming Kyle Rittenhouse ahead of the trial.

3 thoughts on “OANN: Right Wing Terror: What’s the Truth with Chris Hull.

  1. Speaking of terror, that Waukesha parade incident (if not false flag) that recently happened as a response to the Rittenhouse case is definitely a *white supreme,* despite the eyewitness saying it was a black guy with dreadlocks who drove the red looking vehicle over the crowd and reportedly ran over some kids.

  2. Going over the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, General Partin already debunked the mainstream narrative. Partin said that the area was cleared before it was investigated, same thing happened with the WTC on 9/11, Pentagon, and others. Though the Saudis are involved with legitimate terror, the 9/11 narrative is not fully logical. Mainly speaking because those were not art students camping towers taking helicopter ride tours around the buildings weeks in advance, Epstein’s Schreff painting of the twin jenga towers, and the rest. Not to mention the *missing* surveillance footage of the Pentagon explosion, Cheney and the rest wanted the wars to fuel their personal gains and drag it out for decades. Those type of events are called false flag terrorism and it is used for mainly political purposes, mainstream narratives are part of the issue.

  3. We are witnessing the emergence of two separate realities. Regardless of political ideology, one group of Americans is bound to a false reality manufactured and shaped exclusively by the mainstream media. Some well-meaning people only see and trust what is presented to them by the media. The media’s false morality shapes their opinions and values to the point where objective evidence and rational thought are rejected entirely. Censorship further reinforces their control. The larger question that I wonder about is how long these two separate realities can occupy the same place within a single nation. My humble estimation is not very long.

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