Patriots Discuss Political Events from Election to Mid-January

Brad Johnson appears on McFiles with host Christopher McDonald on an in-depth analysis of the political scene post-election.

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Brad Johnson, CIA Chief of Station (Ret.), is President of Americans for Intelligence Reform and brings his 25 years of experience as a CIA Operative to news both global and domestic. He brings you his unique perspective from deep, international experience.  Now retired, he formed Americans for Intelligence Reform to fight exactly the corruption and politics destroying our intelligence capabilities and threatening our national security.

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2 thoughts on “Patriots Discuss Political Events from Election to Mid-January

  1. We cannot ‘clean up’ the swamp, we cannot ‘clean up’ the Republican Party, anymore than we can eliminate
    the Democrats! You all, Brad, Christopher and us have to stay behind Trump, even though he is physically gone.
    With Trump as the lead figure, a new group must emerge! Not a ‘political party’, but a group that takes control of who exactly will run this country. A group that does not ‘run’ for office with promises of what they will do for us.
    A group under a banner that identifies who we are, not an ideology. People, who will go represent us in doing what we direct them to do. The only promise from them is to do what we demand! Call it if you will, The America First Patriots, because that is, I believe the most recognizable name, that identifies us! The people that will be representing us must be vetted. The system that Tactical Civics is looking to implement is one of the best choices for what should happen after the changes to Washington. That, and a closer look at also NESARA!
    Possibly some combination of both. The biggest problem right NOW, is there is no time left. Everyday, within hours, a new “dictatorial edict’, disguised as an ‘executive order’ bypasses every law we have. Violent revolution is NOT an option, yet what is happening, if unabated, will out of frustration by the masses is exactly what they want us to do. What better way for them to ‘cull the herd’. The powers behind all of this has made it a ‘chess game’ that was preplanned as if by a computer. Each move that we could have made was already thought out and eliminated, or countered. Am I to believe that, there is no one in this with us that doesn’t have a solution?
    If there is, step up now! Whatever you can accomplish now needs to be done now, because they are constantly changing for tomorrow what will only work today. This is/was the strategy all along! Do we have a ‘chess master’?

    1. Can this help?

      Spread the word..

      50, 000, 000 Trump voters join move to force complete criminal forensics investigation into China invasion in U.S. election in 17 states’ local election systems, as shown by Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof and confessed to by an Italian IT engineer,

      Tell everyone. Dems, too. Put fear of Truth in their lying brains. Drive them wild. Con-munist $Billionaire$ need to know God, not their Satan is in full-on National Defense in His America.

      George Washington and First Congress dedicated America to Creator, NOT joe lyin bydin. In the unharmed chapel direct across Street from fallen WTC tower.

      Let Creator be lifted higher than ultra wealthy banksters. Their funds are crap.

      Lift Truth far above Washington, D. C. Let 50, 000, 000 honest voters force this law enforcement criminal forensics investigation into China invasion of election systems in 17 states’ local election systems. By June 15, 2021.

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