Q Anon warning on ANTIFA large scale 4th July attacks

30,000 rioters to descend on Gettysburg this 4th to destroy monuments and graves? Q Anon’s website hints as much. Now considered a “racist celebration” by Antifa, 4th of July violence would be logical to them. Fireworks provide perfect timing to start and there’s threats to take action on cities and white suburbs. This could be a pivotal moment – U.S. law enforcement or lawlessness? Brad Johnson, CIA Chief of Station (Ret.) and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, discusses the need for intelligence community involvement to run down foreign funders bent on communism.


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2 thoughts on “Q Anon warning on ANTIFA large scale 4th July attacks

  1. Well, I take care of myself and I will hold court immediately. Mess with me, my money or my family and your karma will be delivered instantly.

  2. Community Organizer -Workshop, SUNY Oneonta NY , Dec 9-10 1968 , SDS Niagara Regional Council Meeting .
    Noel Ignatin and Marty Sklar – CPUSA
    In time confiscate Private Industry, Private Property , Private Capital and Private Income.
    I attended these meetings as a Representative council member from SDS Rochester District ,Rochester NY with
    Niagara Regional Travelers Chip Marshall , Joe Kelly
    ANTIFA has had George Soros paying the way. Protesters appear small in number and camera cheating to make group look larger. Better turnout at Charlottesville VA for both sides pro and opposing which numbers were recruited and paid for by Soros in 2017 . OSF 2020

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