Red//Green Axis webinar pre-recorded: political meddling in CIA helping enemies

America and other free nations are seriously threatened by our enemies (China, Russia, Turkey and others.) An in-depth discussion of how the CIA has been crippled by through political gamesmanship and put us all in peril.

Brad Johnson is a retired senior CIA operative and Chief of Station who now dedicates his expertise to his non-profit Americans for Intelligence Reform. His analysis of current events is based on his expertise and knowledge. You will not see such programming on mainstream media. It is essential we know just how much is at stake in the coming elections and Brad warns why we must get the intelligence community away from corruption, political correctness and liberal ideology. We have lost ground in maintaining our National Security and in the preservation of our Constitution and freedoms. Please like and subscribe to get more truthful information.

This rebroadcast ends with an interesting question/answer session.

The webinar was put together by Red//Green Axis Exposed. Their mission is to fight these outside attacks on the free world and they host various guests in webinar form. You can find out more by emailing them in the link provided in the video and sign up for upcoming webinars. Please support the organization that supports you.