Robin Vos Affiliations and Contributions – Radical Left Groups

We as patriots and citizens have all observed the deterioration in society and the rule of law. The question we are asked at AIR most often and we all ask ourselves, how do we fight back? How do we bring honor, civility, truth, justice and individual freedoms back into our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren and the generations to follow? How do we ensure future Americans live in the safety and security that is the birthright of the greatest country to ever exist?

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet solution. We have been nearly undone by a steadfast policy of incrementalism spewed by the radical left, death by a thousand cuts. The path back is the same, a steadfast policy of incrementalism. We must fight back inch by inch, not only by putting good people in office but also by voting out those who are self-serving or betray our trust. Those that claim to be conservative but are not, these are the ones who control most of the Republican party. Having no moral compass or core values, these so-called Republicans believe that the populism of the hard left is the only road to winning elections and they promote the same destructive nonsense.

One such individual that has fallen into that empty hole of reasoning and lost his way is Robin Vos (R) of Wisconsin. Arguably the most powerful and influential politician in the State and longtime speaker for the Legislature, has aligned himself with radical communist oriented groups such as the Racine Interfaith Coalition, even reportedly contributing funds to this radical communist organization.



The Racine Interfaith Coalition espouses the openly communist Liberation Theology movement and is an affiliate of another radical organization, The Gamaliel Foundation. The Gamaliel foundation has been reported to have been involved in ballot harvesting in the 2020 elections and being associated with the violent communist organization, ANTIFA.


By all accounts, Vos believes that he will lose in the upcoming primary and has already spoken with several fellow legislators and tacitly admitted he expects to be defeated in the primary by discussing what can be done before his departure in January.

His defeat will be only one step in the right direction but what a message it will send to the Republican party. Vos is certainly one of the most powerful and influential politicians at the State level in any of the 50 States and I include the Governors in that calculation. His defeat will send a message of hope and encouragement for conservatives, we the people can still turn this around. Oddly, both the Democrat and Republican parties will receive a very different but still powerful message. Their joint hatred of conservatism and disdain for the American people will only be fueled but there will also be a seed of fear that they are losing their shared grip on power.

Unfortunately, it appears that Robin Vos has fallen into the bizarre world where it makes sense to him to cooperate with Democrats against Conservatives like so many other Rinos.

As Speaker he can slip language into State bills and not tell the others in his party. We find that very revealing. SB214 is one such case, this deeply unpopular Bill allows Absentee ballots to be counted prior to the actual election as well as be scanned so the actual ballots are then not needed.  The previously existing law only let absentee ballots be counted starting on the day of elections and the paper ballots had to be retained. Vos took the language from SB214 and snuck it into other bills on three separate occasions with it getting passed on the third try by being hidden in SB946 which did pass. Read more…

2 thoughts on “Robin Vos Affiliations and Contributions – Radical Left Groups

  1. The reason for it all, as Book of Truth prophecies unfold.

    The Book of Truth (Daniel 10:21/12:4-9) seems to have been given to mankind as foretold:


    Protect yourself and loved ones (Revelation chapter 7 – Seal of the Living God):

    Do a search for “Remnant Church” and “Remnant Army” in archived messages.

    *the Remnant Army is the global network of “Jesus to Mankind prayer groups”

  2. I am not a Vos fan, but, associating him to left wing groups is laughable and not true on its face! Deal with the truth, such misinformation is not dealing with reality.

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