Russia negotiated a cease-fire between Armenia and Azerbaijan but is it enough support?

Putin may be sympathetic to Armenia, but maybe not enough to save them from Erdogan.

Erdogan needs the oil and gas so rich in Azerbaijan but Nagorno-Karabah is essential to the Turkish pipe line do get it. This oil will help fund the neo-Ottoman Empire and now Putin has thrown a wrench into it. But how far is Russia willing to go to support Armenia? Probably not far enough, says Brad Johnson in this interview. What comes next then as the two countries regroup for the next battle?

The founder and president of Americans for Intelligence Reform knows this region and its politic intimately from his 25 years in the CIA as a senior operative and station chief. Brad now devotes his time to AIR and, along with his team, bring you in-depth coverage of both global and domestic issues. Don’t expect to see videos like this in the mainstream media – they are too busy spinning their news coverage. We urge you to subscribe, share and support the mission of AIR. Visit and check out the extensive library of material.


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