Russia's Putin and Turkey's Erdogan are frenemies at best.

Trade route conflicts increase daily. Turkey and Libya vie for part of the Mediterranean Sea. Greece, however, is drilling for oil in the same place. Why has Putin sent in the mercenary Wagner Group into Libya? Brad Johnson discusses what is at stake.


2 thoughts on “Russian mercenaries in Libya. Why?

  1. I just sent the email below to my two senator and my congressman. I think this is what is happening and it is being overlooked by everyone. It fits why Biden is ignoring all NATO allies and his military and intelligence personnel; BLACKMAIL AND MORE PAYOFFS!

    Why Biden has forced the US out of Afghanistan
    Simply look at the following:
    1. The US is completely removing all presence from Afghanistan.
    2. The Chinese and Russians will stay in Afghanistan.
    3. The Chinese and Russians will work with the Taliban and others and recognize their “government” and give them worldwide acceptance and the legality the new government needs to make “deals” with the Chinese and Russians to give them access to the country’s natural resources.
    4. Biden’s family has been accused of receiving millions of dollars from both China and Russia.
    5. Why? For what return value from the Biden family?
    6. Blackmail: ability to influence the President’s decision making?
    What do you think?

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