Save the planet through cannibalism? by Brad Johnson

Having worked for the CIA in the espionage business for most of my adult lifetime, it is normal to develop certain habits such as taking unrelated data and figuring out how they are linked. Also forming a certain dislike for coincidence and developing vibrant survivor traits such as paranoia.

Along those lines, there have been some very odd coincidences recently that are, well, odd.

Many years ago, I saw a movie that has come to mind often lately. The movie came out way back in 1973 and was called Soylent Green. The futuristic plot was set in 2022 which is just around the corner and was set in New York City. In the movie, the city’s population is wildly out of control at 40 million, global warming has so heated up the planet that it is 90 degrees or warmer every day, most people are homeless and starvation is rampant. As you can see by the plot the global warming hoax was popular even back in 1973 when we were all told we only had 20 years to live.

I survived.

Now in 2019 we have only 12 years to live. I am pretty sure I will make it again.

The murder mystery plot has an interesting twist at the end that fits in to the usual and rather worn out “save the planet” story line. The main food source in the movie for the starving population is produced by the Soylent Corporation. The little food wafers are called Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow, which are supposed to be made from vegetable concentrates. The newest product is Soylent Green: small green wafers which are supposed to be made from plankton and they are widely popular. In fact, Soylent Green is so popular there are weekly food riots when the supply runs low. The rioting crowds are so thick and tightly packed the NYC riot police use large trucks called scoops, which are like huge garbage trucks with an enormous front-end loader that scoops all the people up and dumps them over the top of the truck into the garbage compartment at the back and drives off once full.

It turns out the trucks head directly to the Soylent Green factory where the now dead people previously scooped up are loaded onto a conveyor belt and processed through a large machine and the Soylent Green wafers come out on the other end and the next week’s supply is ready. Spoiler alert, the Soylent Green is made from human bodies and cannibalism is the only thing that can feed humanity. I always wondered if it would actually be cannibalism since you would not be eating the flesh but instead the bodies are broken down into protein for example and then eaten as a wafer. We might need a new word for this. I suggest borrowing “tissue harvesting” since that is already in use to excuse harvesting organs from babies to sell at a profit. Pretty similar.

Probably by coincidence there have been a number of TV advertising campaigns over the last decade or so that portray breakfast foods as little humanesque, walking, talking caricatures that portray the breakfast food as so tasty that it cannot be resisted and they end up eating each other until only one is left. These commercials are kind of cute and seem to be effective as advertising but they also seem to contain an element of subliminal propaganda supporting the concept of cannibalism, it would be a great way to do it. Probably just a coincidence though.

That said, last week a Swedish college professor Magnus Söderlund from the College of Commerce (Handelshögskolan) did a series of presentations and interviews he titled “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh.” His perspective is that the taboo against eating human flesh needs to be broken down in order for the planet to survive the effects of “climate change.” The argument is that humans must make radical changes to their diets so that cattle production for example can be ended and the land returned to its natural state and thereby save the climate. The professor states that resistance to the idea is because of selfish capitalists and conservatives who do not believe in global warming and refuse to save the planet. Personally, I am perfectly happy to be publicly known as completely against cannibalism so bring it on.

Now, taken all together, one might be able to make the case that the left has long been laying the ground work for cannibalism and this latest effort by the professor, who is a marketing specialist, is nothing more than a test balloon to gauge how well they have done in moving public opinion in favor.

Normally I would chalk all this up to coincidence and nothing more than a professor who wants to promote himself if it were not for one thing. That one thing is the complete breakdown in morals and basic human decency that we have seen promulgated by the left for a long time. Consider the fact that not long ago we learned babies were being aborted in a fashion that kept the bodies intact so the body parts and organs could be sold at a huge profit. The people and organization who did this disgusting, immoral act got away with it by saying they were not selling body parts, they were only selling tissue. It is not much of a leap to start selling the other, other white meat. After all, it is only tissue.

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