Statement from “America’s Sheriff” David Clarke


Statement from “America’s Sheriff” David Clarke
For the New Jersey State Senate Transportation Committee Hearing December 12, 2019
On S-3229, The Licenses for Illegals Act

This bill is a bait and switch.
Democrats use driver licenses as an issue when they want to excuse black motorists’ traffic violations, so that those motorists can keep their status valid in order to drive to jobs.
But illegal aliens should not need licenses to drive to gain employment, as they are prohibited from being hired in the U.S. Giving them a driver license will actually make it more difficult under e-Verify to not hire illegal aliens.
A law enforcement group in New Jersey tells me that the problem in the state is that illegal aliens go to Maryland to get a drivers license and then return to the Garden State. New Jersey law enforcement personnel see this happening with other states that allow illegals to get a drivers license as well.
The bill has nothing to do with driving. Data shows illegal aliens are notoriously bad drivers anyway, and in a short period of time many will lose their driving status due to driving infractions and unpaid tickets. Illegal aliens are also less likely to buy insurance which most states require to hold a drivers license.

The other bill in this hearing would require public transportation employees to complete training course on handling and responding to suspected human trafficking. Yet giving drivers licenses to illegals will actually encourage more human traffickers to operate in New Jersey. The easier it is for illegal aliens to live in the state, the more human traffickers will show up there.

In other words, there is no reason for New Jersey to license illegals except for the obvious—in order to give them amnesty, cutting in line ahead of hardworking legal immigrants and Americans who are already here.
The bill has nothing to do with public safety – and everything to do with politics.

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