Supreme Court tells Texas Dems, “Get back to work!”

Texas Democrat State Legislators play hookie.

Brad Johnson has tough words for the 52 Texas Democrat State Legislators who left to avoid a vote on HR1 matters.



3 thoughts on “Supreme Court tells Texas Dems, “Get back to work!”

  1. One thought on the pictures of these people flying away from legislation and their duties.
    Americans have fought and died for your duty to represent them. Show some respect I could give a crap really about this or that what i want is people to do what the people ask to do with respect to your elected duties.
    Listen when sorry crap like this seeps into a country war breaks out somewhere and the same people that fought once often times have to fight again and again and again. Get over yourselves and go back to work and do your job ! Make peace not war ok some
    Of vets are tired of war got it !

  2. Brad I am not sure anything can legally be done besides holding them until there is a quorum, the warrant is issued by the Legislature not the courts. I do know that in the Federal System anyone arrested by the Sargent at Arms must be held in the small jail in the Capital Building and if convicted must serve their sentence there. The State System may be the same and the Legislature won’t want to spend any of its budget on holding the runaways longer then the vote.

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