The suspect in the David Ames assassination - an almost impossible picture to find online.

MP Sir David Ames was holding a town hall in a local church when a radicalized Islamist stabbed and killed the 69 year old man. Why is this being treated like just another “Lone Wolf” attack? Brad Johnson spent most of his CIA career overseas in direct support of the War Against Terrorism. It is time we call things what they are.

1 thought on “Terrorist assassinates British MP

  1. Yeah, hits like this just like the ones that happened in Pakistan were merely lone wolf attacks as well, and when they can’t find anyone who did it, they’ll say it’s a suicide. Definitely a suicide when someone has two bullets in the back of their head—not a sophisticated foreign intel assassination group in cohots with international crime rings that may or may not be related. Don’t question it though, because then you’d be a white supreme conspiracy theorist and Islamophobe. Meanwhile there’s false flags and coverups created to spread fear so when a real one happens, nobody will believe it to be true which our own gov’t helped arm and sent pallets of cash for ransom in exchange for hostages like that time during the Bay of Pigs botched up op caused the gov’t to have to trade baby powder and money in exchange for prisoners.

    Here’s a thought, instead of being weak on American hostages overseas by sucking up to these barbarians, why not give them a taste of their own medicine using the latest technology? It would provide excellent data on its effectiveness in future combat situations on a large scale after all. I’m talking exo-suits with liquid armor and invisibility cloaks with jet packs—something that’d you’d see straight from a sci-fy film, but when sci-reality. But no, instead we get this red carpet treatment to supposed refugees to become the next Arabic version of Robert Hanssen/Nidal Hasan at our expense/tax dollar.

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