The Politics of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp

Some hard core terrorists are being released by President Biden. Brad Johnson talks about one particularly bad actor and questions if this isn’t all just politics.

4 thoughts on “The Politics of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp

  1. These prisoners could have been MK-Ultra-ed into returning as peaceful lambs… –
    That doesn’t seem to have been the plan.

  2. Here is a thought that just occurred to me. China appears to be moving troops into Afghanistan (at a much slower rate then we are pulling out), is part of the reason they are moving in to take over part of most of the opium growing? They have the chemists to refine it to heroin and the smuggling and distributions networks to spread it around the world. Doing this would relieve part of China’s cash flow problem.

  3. Prisoners have lots of time to network and educate. Probably not the first time Biden has recruted from prison population and then funded them to do whatever. I would be more concerned with these released enhanced prisoners , crossing over the Mexico border with ill intentions. Give it time and it will play out, sadly.

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