The significance of Ayman al-Zawahiri’s death

#2 al-Qaeda leader,Ayan al-Zawahiri’s capture and death at the hands of the USA is a win for Biden. But how much of a win? Brad Johnson explores.



1 thought on “The significance of Ayman al-Zawahiri’s death

  1. What about Hamza bin Laden? To the best of my understanding al-Zawahiri was never the leader of al-Qaeda, but turned out to really be a place holder until a successor could be confirmed. And that al-Zawahiri was never really liked, especially by the more extreme element who leaned towards ISIS–which tried to assassinate al-Zawahiri a number of times and succeeded in killing a number of his closest clerics.

    As the matter stood at the time when Donald Trump was first elected al-Zawahiri made an appeal to combine all jihadists from the Paestinians to Qaeda to ISIS. That was rejected by a suicide bomb sent by ISIS against one al-Zawahiri’s closest clerics in Syria. Right after that Hamza bin Laden was elevated to the position of his father in al-Qaeda at a marriage ceremony.

    The lingering question was whether or not Qaeda and ISIS became one and the same organization through this ceremony. The problem was that this happened at the same time Trump was threatening SM execs like Jack Dorsey that people reposting ISIS materials on their platforms could be prosecuted. And so the intel came to a halt. And we don’t really know what happened. But it looks to me like they inked the deal and Qaeda and ISIS became one organization under the leadership of Hamza bin Laden.

    But no one liked al-Zawahiri. I’m not to sure why except that he might not have been extreme enough.

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