The tragedy of today’s Afghanistan

Desperate to escape Taliban crowd at Kabul airport in Afghanistan Asia News (credit JNews)

How did our intelligence agencies fail to predict the Taliban would seize control so quickly? Brad Johnson questions them and the Biden administration’s decisions now endangering the remaining troops.


5 thoughts on “The tragedy of today’s Afghanistan

  1. I think if our intel didn’t see it they should resign – but my guess is they cautioned and decided choices were made. God be with those in peril in the military or not humans
    Have been handed to evil . Remington raiders advising the President not happy with the lack of seriousness of the need for clamp down security in this country – now 22,000 likely military age refugees coming ? They are mad at us we abandoned them.
    To all the families whom lost or had loved ones hurt in this war or killed my thoughts go out to you. To my brothers and sisters in the military get home safe and thanks for those who fought for us .

    1. Those estimates about “30000” refugees is under-reported. This was bound to happen. Not to mention the left over equipment that can be reverse engineered by other countries—the blackhawks etc. Those ‘refugees’ could be spies or drug traffickers. But those are more important than the U.S. citizens left behind and important equipment. Operation Cyclone and Safari Club has turned into this—a monster.

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