Time to call out Democratic Socialists of America what they are: communists bent on destroying America

Find the communist "dog whistles" in this graphic.

Friend of Americans for Intelligence Reform friend Vlad Tepes discusses Marxist theory and practice on the Laura-Lynne and Friends Show. This video serves as a good primer for anyone wanting to know more about this ideology, especially if you have concerns (as you very much should.) Current uprisings show quite clearly the Marxist plan: destroying our society by attacking its morals (the deviancy of Netflix’s “Cuties;”) its religions (burning of churches and the Bible;) its language (changing the meaning of words like male and female;) controlling behavior (lock downs, masks;) and mass protests turning into riots.

Several links were mentioned by Vlad and show below. Visit our friend’s blog at https://vladtepesblog.com

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