Trump initiative bears fruit. Chinese manipulation of US stock market foiled.

Brad Johnson discusses recent report from the Department of Treasury’s investigation into the US stock market being manipulated by certain China-based companies. They were cut off, but only because Trump had set the ball in motion during his term.


1 thought on “Trump initiative bears fruit. Chinese manipulation of US stock market foiled.

  1. Not to mention the nano-parasites being used as a prototype for recording DNA and sending it off remotely. Also known as xenobots, there are patents dating back several decades. Using some dissidents is prime experimentation, although, majority of the concentration camps are full of Muslim minority populations, the supposed Turkey leader appears to not care about it.

    Also, the narrative about *Taliban* siding with China is bs. Taliban executed two chicom citizens after they were captured. Plus, others fleeing their consulate several months back were unable to escape. Media blackout of course, but someone had to teach them to fly those helis. All *Taliban* needs now is some C-17s, jump jets, and some other things to free their captives. Then maybe Erdogan *steps down because of Covid,* some accidents that are *not dirty bombs* go off across the country simultaneously along with armed rebel uprisings, and some *weather* problems like *lightening* strikes. Who needs fame and celebrities when *Taliban* has ice cream?

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