Ukraine Crisis: Biden/Putin/Zelenskiy meeting

Older in-person meeting between Biden and Putin. And we have a contest for this picture...

Challenge Contest: If Putin & Biden had thought bubbles, what do they say? What are they thinking? Watch the video and send your entry to Extra credit for extra creativity. Selected entry gets an AIR prize!

Putin won’t back down from taking over Ukraine and says military action will be used against any opposition. Brad Johnson goes into the minds of the individuals in that meeting and tells what he sees. NATO wants Ukraine. Putin says NO. What is Biden’s thinking? Can Zelenskiy stop Putin from seizing his country?


1 thought on “Ukraine Crisis: Biden/Putin/Zelenskiy meeting

  1. The photo cuts out the “I LIE” writing on the bookshelf to the left. Also, *Bin Laden’s* niece was on a boat with M.A.G.A. gear trolling. Speaking of which, the Zionists tried to make an international incident not to long ago by having a ship named “Donbass” going past international waters in the Black Sea on purpose to try and start some conflict. Keep in mind, everything NATO does is following what the UN/chicoms are wanting. The whole chicom siding with the Russkies is bs. Chicoms/Zionists wouldn’t be trying to have the West fight the Russkies while making friends without the Russkies noticing—such as the cancellation of weapons that were reportedly sold to the chicoms about a year ago.

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