Using our voices with boldness will get them heard

Now is the time to speak up.

May 20, 2021

Organized political and social violence is ripping apart the fabric of America with no end in
Congress, federal investigative and law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors have failed to
understand and confront this organized, interstate criminal activity. People from both parties are
looking for answers.
Congress must establish an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate the individuals,
organizations, and networks behind all the organized violence, from Minneapolis to Portland to
the US Capitol in Washington, DC.
The commission must examine the methods of instigation and organization, the funding, the
training, the historical origins, the ideologies, the works that animate the violence; any secret
relations with or support from people in government and public institutions; and any foreign
connections that include funding or intelligence or other support, including connections to
regimes in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Russia.
We call on Congress to broaden the independent commission to investigate all organized political
and social violence in America. We call on the commission also to investigate biases and
government misconduct that include failure to arrest and prosecute those who burn our cities and
attack our federal buildings, and who hold suspects for months without charges, often in solitary
confinement or in conditions that expose them to abuse.
We regard the limitation of the commission’s mandate to the January 6 violence at the US
Capitol as an illegitimate, politically motivated exercise that deliberately ignores the concerns
outlined above.

J. Michael Waller, PhD
Center for Security Policy

Kevin Freeman
NSIC Institute

Richard Manning
Americans for Limited Government

Sandy Rios
American Family Association

George K Rasley Jr

Yechekel Moskowitz
The Jewish Heritage Preservation Society

Ginni Thomas
Liberty Consulting

John Velleco
Gun Owners of America

Kevin Roberts
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Peter W. Wood
National Association of Scholars

Terry Schilling

American Principles Project

Matt Schlapp

John C. Eastman
The Claremont Institute

Daphne Patai
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Barbara Ledeen

Rabbi Aryeh Spero
Conference of Jewish Affairs

Cleta Mitchell, Esq

Judy Kaplan Warner

Ed Corrigan
Conservative Partnership Institute

Colleen Holcomb
Eagle Forum

Ron Armstrong
Stand Up Michigan

Brigitte Gabriel
ACT For America

Trevor Loudon

Christopher C. Hull, Ph.D.
Americans for Intelligence Reform

Robyn Sachs
Adam Lovinger

Bradley Johnson
Americans for Intelligence Reform

Lisa Schiffren
Jewish Policy Center

Kenneth Schwartz

Russ Vought
Center for Renewing America

David Hirsch

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

David L Black

Clare M. Lopez
Lopez Liberty LLC

Pete Hutchison
Landmark Legal Foundation

J. Kenneth Blackwell
Congressional Congress

Becky Norton Dunlop

Mary Vought
Executive Director, Senate Conservatives

Wilma Hall

Fawn Hall

David A. Clarke Jr
President, Rise Up Wisconsin Inc.

Leanne Rodgers

Phillip Jauregui
Judicial Action Group

Bill Johnson
American Decency Association

Catharine Trauernicht
private citizen

Stella Morabito

Alfred S. Regnery
Conservative Action Project

Richard Viguerie
American Target Advertising, Inc.

Stephanie Coleman

Lori Roman
President, American Constitutional Rights
Union Action Fund

Patricia Anne Wallace
Private citizen and vocal defender of freedom and the Constitution

Organizations listed are for identification purposes only

These 51 signatures were collected in just 24 hours.

2 thoughts on “Using our voices with boldness will get them heard

  1. Thank you for the letter and all the work . Mention something along the way America might be a captured Country. World War 3 has begun and we’re under attack .

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