War between two Chinas?

China's President Xi Jinping appearing to applaud his growing navy.

As China continues an unabated military buildup in the South China Sea, Taiwan’s vulnerability increases. Japan takes a position against the Chinese attempts to “re-claim” Taiwan further provoking the Chinese Communist Government. The U.S. response? So far zero from the Biden administration. Brad Johnson brings this situation to the American people because mainstream media doesn’t. It deserves our attention and action.

2 thoughts on “War between two Chinas?

  1. For the last twenty years the CCP war machine build up , has been of concern. But the global elite will keep looking the other way. Communists don’t talk badly about communists and as we have seen, the infiltration runs deep and far.

  2. If the Chinese economy doesn’t collapse before the 2022 Winter Olympics China will move after the Olympics are over.

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