Where is the math with climate change?

Brad Johnson describes yet more measures re the “Climate Emergency”.


6 thoughts on “Where is the math with climate change?

      1. Before climate change, it was global warming. Before global warming it was ice age. Either way, it’s an excuse to raise taxes and remove energy independence. Meanwhile countries like Chyna can promote this climate change agenda with its globalist front-groups like the U.N. to supposedly protect the environment. Chyna, the country that proclaims to care for the environment has the worst standards on the planet like covering up dozens of nuclear meltdowns. The radiation levels are so high that it can be seen from space on a map but the state media claims it’s only sunlight exposure. Definitely only sunlight, not radioactive clouds or pollution.

  1. U.S. patent 2021/0082583 A1 outlines the ugly truth on what the technocrats, globalists, democrats, and establishment republicans are wanting. A global social credit score like system where people’s vitals are monitored 24/7 and their organs can be shutoff remotely via SMART devices—can include anything from phones, BlueTooth, and power meters. Additionally, it records and sends DNA information via nanotech parasites to unknown entities. These unknown entities include, according to the patent, World Health Organization aka Chyna’s controlled puppet like the Ethopian genocide Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) dictator Tedros. Furthermore, patenting a manmade disease or anything that naturally occurs regarding diseases is illegal to U.S. code yet people like Fauci continue to operate without impunity by going overseas to bypass the laws/regs in U.S., on a side note—patents do not list “trade secrets” so not everything is disclosed.

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