Who belongs to the Gas Club? Not Erdogan.

Erdogan, already battling his own economic woes, faces a coalition determined to squash his and Libya’s planned theft of Greece’s off shore oil. Arabic sources identify the Gas Club members as: Egypt, Israel (including Palestinian support,) Jordan, Italy, Cyprus, Italy, and Greece. Can Erdogan keep propping up Libya’s puppet government and will Russia and Iran jump in to save him? Brad analyses the ongoing and increasingly volatile developments in western Asia.

Retired after 25 years in the CIA as Chief of Station, Brad Johnson now devotes his efforts to his non-profit Americans for Intelligence Reform. Having spent most of his career overseas, his unique understanding of and experience with global hot spots provides you with news the mainstream media won’t. Please subscribe and support our work.

See the YouTube channel playlist for more insight into Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman aggressions.

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