A common sense argument against open borders

This gentleman should be careful what he wishes for.

The Trump era Title 42 allowing for immediate deportation expires May 23. With Biden pointing fingers at Congress, blaming them for the surge of illegals at the border, it’s up to them to keep the borders secure. But will they? If they don’t, then Brad Johnson will tell you who is coming through that border. Here’s a hint – you know what a bedbug is, right?

1 thought on “A common sense argument against open borders

  1. If the immigration coming North can not/ will not be stopped or even slowed, why not have the border go both ways? Why not allow citizens of Canada and the US be able to immigrate to their desired South of the border country with no questions asked? I’m serious. The condition is that the new country has to be as welcoming to us as we are to them (housing, food, education, transportation) to the best of their ability. The brain drain in those countries must be considerable – this would address that problem. Those who see the reality of shifting demographics must agree that there is a limit to growth before it bursts. Let those who want to, move South and attempt a new life there.

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