An honest review of House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

Ms Greene has been relieved of her committee appointments by Congress for alleged anti-semitic comments and for believing Q conspiracies. She also demonstrates her head can be in the right place to make a contribution to the U.S. Brad Johnson analyses her inconsistent behavior. Also discussed is Swalwell’s assignment to head up former President Trump’s impeachment amid questions about his ties to China.


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Brad Johnson retired as a Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations. He has served domestically and abroad with numerous assignments often during periods of armed conflict. He has served overseas in direct support of the War against Terrorism.
Mr. Johnson is a certified senior expert in Counterintelligence issues with extensive direct experience in the field. He is a senior expert in surveillance and surveillance detection issues.
He is an enrolled member of The Cherokee Nation, a Federally Recognized Tribe.
In the summer of 2017, Mr. Johnson founded the non-profit organization Americans for Intelligence Reform to create awareness for political corruption and diminished capabilities within the intelligence community.

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5 thoughts on “An honest review of House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene! Question, is she a ‘nut cake’? Let’s see. The supposed ‘outrageous’ things she has said, are ‘nutty’. Are they? Or, had she said the same things in a more thought out compelling manner, would they have been easier to the ear, more thought provoking, more credible? I think not!
    Going back, to just past the end of WWII, the Pacific Fleet Admiral, testified in open Congressional hearings in 1946 exclaimed, ‘the attack on Pearl Harbor, people in Washington, knew days if not weeks before December 7th that this attack would happen, but nobody told me’. Is that a ‘conspiracy theory’? No! What was the outcome of his making that statement? Moving on, John F. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas. Who, wanted him dead? Conspiracy theories abound, but, who really had the most to lose if he stayed alive? Question, JFK, indicated that he was NOT going to have us go to war in Viet Nam, even though, those most responsible for his winning election, stood the most to gain if we did go to war. Conspiracy theory?, not if you realize just how much money wasn’t goin to flow into the pockets of those he was indebted to. Oswald called himself a ‘patsy’, he told the truth! September 11th, Question, How, did a particle of ‘super thermite’ end up in a dust cloud that broke the windows of an apartment across from the towers when they collapsed? Was it just simply floating around in the atmosphere? Since it’s man made, I don’t think so. Of course, if the skeletal framework of the towers were coated in this material, it answers how and why they collapsed like a ‘controlled demolition’. Another ‘conspiracy theory’? Same event, yet miles away, the Pentagon Before the walls collapsed, a 16 foot hole was capable of swallowing a commercial jet liner, with the most obvious piece of evidence, on the lawn, a jet engine rotor, too small for the engines on the liner itself, and, denounced by the engine manufacturers as being ‘something’ that would have been installed on that aircraft. Every time any one raises anything that goes against the chosen ‘narrative’ it’s a ‘conspiracy theory’, just like the ‘election fraud’.
    So, is Marjorie a ‘nut cake’? It doesn’t matter, because no matter what she did or didn’t say, if it didn’t fit, she would always be wrong. I suspect that her rantings were an effect of what we are all suffering from. The ‘story tellers’ have the weakest minded of what are supposed to be intelligent people, who are so mentally frozen, they allow the narratives to live and prosper, truth be damned! Nature, in all of it’s perfection on what it does, knows when the weak, the sickly, the handicapped and ,whatever are not meant to survive and takes it’s course.
    Maybe, we’re next, and maybe, we’ve been long overdo! In Nature, stupidity gets you killed.

  2. Mr. Johnson – Your comments about Greene’s comments on the supposed plane that crashed into the Pentagon, are tragically flawed. There is plenty of video and photographic evidence that it was not a plane that crashed into the Pentagon. The damage pattern on the front of the building does NOT support where the wings of a plane would have done damage away from the main bore hole. I am amazed that you are not aware of this evidence and did not mention it or consider it. There are professional architectural organizations who have cast public doubt on the official plane theory and on the official twin towers collapse report. And just because Greene says a certain person is Jewish, does not mean she is antisemitic. You are one of the good guys, and I would strongly recommend that you contact Greene and be an outside adviser to her. She is an asset for the good guys/girls, you and “us.” She needs someone like you to inform her of some of the pitfalls and also the positive things she can be doing for our country and for our Constitution.

    1. If in actual fact, commercial airliners were NOT involved in these attacks, where did the planes/passengers go that day? Where did they disappear to? I have been wondering and trying to find out about this for years, basically ever since.

  3. If the fbi/doj informed an elected official that someone on their staff was a Chinese spy, they have two options: 1) let her/him remain there and secretly monitor her/his communications and contacts to find out the extent of the damage she/he has caused, or 2) arrest her/him and prosecute her/him for spying. Instead they let her/him go free as a bird, back to China to spill all the secrets they knew. It sounds like several people in our government have aided and abetted her/his escape, which makes them an accessory to their spying. Our country is so corrupt, there is zero hope of it ever being restored to any semblance of normalcy.

  4. Rep. Greene is allowed to believe in “QAnon” if she chooses. You democraps believe in NWO Fantasy right? You believe you are Gods right?

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