Barr’s awaited Flynn case indictments and Obama back in public life

Former President Obama’s recent speech raises eye brows, says Brad Johnson, retired Sr CIA Operative and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform. Obama stepped out of private life to excoriate Trump over his handling of the pandemic. But is this timing related to Barr’s expected indictments and, if so, why? While seeing no Obama connection to the Flynn case, is Obama worried, asks Brad? And Chuck Todd? Was his “editing” of AG Barr’s comments on CBS an accident or more of left-leaning political editing? He reviews the event sequence of the case, bringing us up to date.


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1 thought on “Barr’s awaited Flynn case indictments and Obama back in public life

  1. Obama should be found guilty of being a foreign agent in our government as an illegitimate, President, or as a citizen committing treason, which ever turns out to the case. I personally believe he is an Muslim agent and our government would have been damaged beyond repair had his thug, Hillary or some other Democrat been elected instead of, now President Trump.

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