Biden upset over growing relationship between UAE and China

China, being very interested in gaining access to any port, is growing its relationship with the United Arab Emirates. Brad Johnson analyzes how this is just further attempts by China to dominate the seas for trade routes. Will Biden do anything about it?


1 thought on “Biden upset over growing relationship between UAE and China

  1. Biden is upset that China has other partners in this world, he must have thought he was a preferred VIP. No, the reality is he is just one of many tools used to meet an end: Chinese world domination.
    Biden reminds me of the “let girls” ( as they used to be called ) in high school. They were very popular among the boys, but not liked/respected enough to be the girl friend or fiancé. These girls were a means to an end. Biden is not only a means to an end, but if he thought that he would come away from this arrangement either a better man or somehow passed over from the devastation he is allowing to happen to our country by the Chinese, he, like those delusional high school girls, are sorely mistaken.

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