Consider before the election: FISA indictments and justice

Strong and probably credible rumors say U.S. Attorney Durham is getting very close to issuing indictments for John Brennan and others. Should it be proven that he used the powers of our government to unseat a duly elected president, treason/sedition can be charged. Brad Johnson, retired Senior CIA Officer and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform, explains why this is heating up. Others, including Comey, Clapper and Strzok and perhaps more, could very well be in the cross hairs. Will there now be justice? If so, it will be a major victory for the good guys.

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2 thoughts on “Consider before the election: FISA indictments and justice

  1. Past time to bring these people to trial. Americans have known for three plus years that these people didn’t want Trump to be President. Add Hillary Clinton to that list. You have enough emails to convict plus the million dollars she got when she sold Uranium to Russia. Lock these people up..

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