Brennan’s Twitter miscalculation, riots and Anti-Fa supporters

Former CIA Chief John Brennan couldn’t have picked a worst time to tweet out a statement sounding plainly pro-Anti-Fa. Already knowing he’s going to face charges (maybe treason,) he grossly miscalculated how his support of socialism and anarchy would play out. Brad Johnson predicted exposure of Brennan’s far left beliefs would reveal motives for the FISA scandal. The retired Sr CIA Officer and President of Americans for Intelligence Reform has correctly called this scandal for many months and says Trump’s declaring Anti-Fa a domestic terrorist group has left Brennan and others shook to the core. And watch below to start following the Anti-Fa money trail with Brad Johnson’s AIR – it’s going to be a quite revealing. [Note, this video interview was filmed early today prior to President Trump’s response to the riots.]


Click here for entire transcript

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