Britains MI-5 warns of foreign terrorism while FBI/CIA worry about conservatives

Kevin McCallum, head of the UK's MI5, warns citizens potential for foreign terrorism increases daily.

Even as Taliban overruns Afghanistan, our American intelligence agencies seem only to care about a threat that is no real threat. Brad Johnson has an extensive knowledge of what this means and why you should be concerned.

Founder of Americans for Intelligence Reform, a non-profit organization, Brad retired after 25 years as a Senior Operative with the CIA. His multiple stations included areas fighting terrorism, and those succumbing to lawlessness, human rights violations, and communism. At AIR we publish what you need to hear that our media censors. Support independent news outlets by sharing and following.

4 thoughts on “Britains MI-5 warns of foreign terrorism while FBI/CIA worry about conservatives

  1. As long as Obama is one of the Puppet Masters there will be no change in our focus, he was raised to hate the US and his actions as President have proven that he hates us and is out to destroy us. What I am wondering about is will antifa commit more terror attacks that the corrupt US officials can blame on the Right? That would seen to be the logical next step for the leftists as the seek to gain total power over the US.

  2. So I hear Biden is still in office. More than six months in, Liberals have every reason to feel vindicated.
    The pill Trump supporters have to swallow is neither red, nor black or blue. It is just bitter, and they have every reason to lose all interest in politics and elections for that matter. I admire anyone (actually, I’m not sure I do) who is still hopeful. It is biblical without any biblical precedent.

  3. Problem with Bolton though is he was someone that wanted to do a sham impeachment against President Trump and supported Xiden as being a better choice for America. Bolton tried to start a war with Iran with the Grace 1 incident and has supported socialist/Marxist individuals in Venezuela.

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