China’s aggressive moves to re-create the Silk Road threaten other countries

Chinese Naval Ships - part of the ever increasing inventory

The CCP, taking advantage of Biden’s soft approach, launched a submarine in the South China Sea and has significantly beefed up its Navy. It is threatening Taiwan and now other nations in the area.

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3 thoughts on “China’s aggressive moves to re-create the Silk Road threaten other countries

    1. The videos on the website are hosted on 3speak rather than YouTube since it is only a question of time for YouTube to fully censor us. The disadvantage of using a smaller and newer social media platform like 3speak is that they are often shut down doing maintenance etc. and when that happens our videos do not play on the website. As soon as they are back up and running the videos play again but it can be hours at a time.

  1. The aggressors are often driven as much by internal political pressure as they are by their desire to conquer and rule the neighboring nations. When you see an aggressor nation building up their military at a time when they are facing internal ecnomic problems along with unret among their population start worrying. Add in the way Xi is facing internal political pressure and an invasion of Taiwan and other island nations in the region jumps up in probability.

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