China’s naval power swells as more vessels produced

Xi Jinping commissioned 3 new large warships. Rumored to included missile-armed submarine, aircraft carrier, and heavy cargo amphibious vessel, China is clearly ready to occupy islands in the S. China Sea – by force. Brad Johnson, retired CIA Senior Operative, explains this major threat and wonders why the Biden administration seems to ignore it.


1 thought on “China’s naval power swells as more vessels produced

  1. Brad the parallels between now and the build up to WWII are numerous and scary, here is Gordon Changs article about what is happening in the Philippines.

    We are seeing the left ignore history and the facts of the build up and continue to think that peace without standing up to China is possible. If the theories about China waiting until after the Winter Olympics (I don’t follow the games and thought it would be the summer games) is true we have a little over 400 days before China is going to move on Taiwan. During that time period China will continue to build ships and position assets for the invasion. Our satellites should give us ample warning of the buildup at the invasion ships but with the current Administration and people who control the intel orgs it will probably be ignored.

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