CIA Report: “DJT, a Unique Challenge”

CIA Officer, John Helgerson, wrote and published a rather petty critique of President Donald Trump. Brad Johnson points out the issues and how the DOJ, CIA, FBI, and DHS are weaponized politically.

1 thought on “CIA Report: “DJT, a Unique Challenge”

  1. Been happening since its creation of alphabet soup agencies almost a century ago. Let’s be clear: Oswald was a patsy to take the fall and it covered for LBJ and Dulles.

    In addition, the 2020 election and elections dating at least decades before were manipulated by South American linked companies that were used by tinpot dictators. Originally intended to be used by the Pentagon as means of removing leaders from countries that were against U.S. interests but instead was sold to third party companies like Big Tech and Mossad’s Unit 8200. We’ve had a third world election system for a while. It wasn’t until the Trump-era that the public started realizing it more, sort of like a wake up call.

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