David Cohen, Deputy Director, CIA

Brad Johnson discusses the logic behind David Cohen’s timeline for potential terror attacks.


2 thoughts on “CIA underplaying terrorism threat?

  1. Covering up is the more proper term instead of underplaying. To answer the concern about what drugs, it includes Opium—Pat Tillman exposed this over a decade ago and paid the price. The thing that is concerning about the whole issue is whether what is being reported is authentic or propaganda by the Council on Foreign Relations. There was one clip, for example, of a CNN news woman that said “they’re [Taliban] shouting death to America” yet was seen a day before in a CNN studio—meaning those *Taliban* when the CNN lady is wearing a Hijab was staged. It is not the first time the media has used fake refugees and staged execution beheading such as the ones leaked from McStain’s (McCain) laptop on ISIS years ago (there’s even a photo of McCain and Graham meeting with ISIS leaders). ISIS is itself a name derived from Nimrod’s wife.

  2. There was also a Trump MAGA hat in the background of one of the supposed Taliban taking over the Afghan government buildings. First off, the videos showing them flying blackhawk helicopters makes any person wonder who taught them to fly? This could all be a show as the news is proclaiming that the Taliban would side with China but there were clips showing groups attacking fleeing China consulate personnel in the area driving a blue Toyota van, they were surrounded by supposed Taliban soldiers and the video cutoff. Plus the Taliban probably don’t like organ harvesting concentration camps on their people too much—so it is illogical to conclude they would so easily side with them unlike Turkey who openly meets with Hamas leaders and supports China.

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