Could the Las Vegas 2017 mass shooting have been Antifa and ISIS?

Was the shooter at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas alone or is there a conspiracy somewhere? We may never know.

Americans for Intelligence Reform does not claim this article is truth or fiction. We run this today in memory of Rich Higgins, a Senior Fellow for Americans for Intelligence Reform. While it is interesting reading, whether Mr Higgins took the report seriously or not is unknown.

Trump National Security Council Official Received Report on Multiple Shooters And ANTIFA And ISIS Involvement In Las Vegas Shooting

2 thoughts on “Could the Las Vegas 2017 mass shooting have been Antifa and ISIS?

  1. Brad,
    About the event that is ” Close To Your Heart “, Rt. 91 !!

    Do certain Individuals make what I call A, ” Trophy Video ” ??
    And disguise it as an,…….TV ” Interview”,
    A Video of ” themselves ” being a ” First Res-ponder ”
    A video ” Accidentally Capturing ” the Event !!!
    A Video of capturing others with them,….being present !!!
    Here’s a Strange one,…Acting like a ” PRIVATE ” Social Media Information
    reporter,…. having a cell phone , a Police scanner
    a ” Live Feed ” and others, very close, with cell phones.
    AND,…… communicating with others, with the VERY same
    setup !!

    A video of “themselves having been hired to do a job ” that night!!
    Now the worst,…A video captured by themselves,…. going through the venue
    capturing on a vid. ,…. the Very Face of many deceased,
    and the very, body’s, and bloody ground of those
    who are deceased.
    Like, …… Who goes through the venue capturing the very face of many,…
    to ” Check ” to see if they are dead ?? NOT the concern of a normal
    ” First Res-ponder ” !!
    Thanks Brad.

  2. The report produced for the National Security Council was a complete farce. This is why I do not trust any of the U.S. intelligence agencies and why I am so reluctant to share anything of what I know. All I can say to the intelligence community is you got caught. You failed to remove the online digital evidence before I archived and analyzed it. You not only failed, but you failed in one of the most heinous crimes this nation has ever seen. This is some of what I know and can prove.

    1. The FBI failed to interview narcotics traffickers residing at an address in Canton, Ohio despite the following:

    a. Public data indicates Marilou Danley was located at the same address in February 2017.
    b. Ivan Munford was brutally murdered in front of this same address on June 22, 2017.
    c. Munford’s father, Clay Dee Mann, was also murdered the very next month on July 27, 2017. To the best of my knowledge, his murder remains unsolved.

    2. The FBI failed to interview The Taylor Family of DTA Security, Las Vegas, Nevada despite a clear relationship between Marilou and Geary Danley that predates the company’s move from Texas to Nevada. I questioned DTA on this matter. I received only threats and intimidation. All is documented.

    3. The intelligence community in their report to the National Security Council failed to disclose Brian Hodge’s employment at the Australian gambling and entertainment company, Tabcorp. Tabcorp, just prior to the shooting in Las Vegas, received a record $45 million fine for multiple multi-year violations of Australian anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws (AML). After the negotiated settlement between AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre) and Tabcorp, on March 16, 2017, Justice Perram of the Federal Court of Australia, New South Wales ordered essentially the destruction of evidence by requiring all documents of the agreed-upon facts to be removed from the court, be redacted, and be resubmitted. Since this was a negotiated settlement the number and the nature of the violations by Tabcorp represent only what they would publicly concede, not the totality of all violations discovered by AUSTRAC.

    4. The FBI was already aware of Brian Hodge prior to the October 1, 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the FBI’s case against Owen Hanson, another Australian concert promoter, Andrew McManus, was caught with a bag of drug money, $700,000, at a casino in Sydney. RJ Cipriani, an FBI informant, had already laundered a large sum of drug money on behalf of Hanson. Gamble the money, cash out with a cashier’s check, fly back to Las Vegas from Australia and cash the check at a Vegas casino. That was Hanson’s game plan for Cipriani and represented the initial laundering of the money (obscuring the source). Brian Hodge was the Director of Entertainment at that casino at that time. Australian police clearly and deliberately protected McManus from prosecution. Mr. McManus walked away without spending a single day in jail or prison, and he still denies the money came from drug trafficking despite clear evidence that it was indeed the source of the money. The Owen Hanson case and the October 1, 2017 shooting intersect for a clear reason. The money launderers are protected assets. Some of the biggest names in the music industry performed at Australian and New Zealand venues that laundered on behalf of drug traffickers, KISS being among them.

    5. The Democrat Party is right in the middle of all of this. I know the name of the attorney that acted as an intermediary between Dan Taylor and the DNC’s Donna Brazile (secure communications through attorney-client privilege). I know who provided the security (remote electronic tracking). I know the name of the man who acted as a middleman with the Colombian Cartel. I know the drug shipments went through a Costa Rican intermediary, Mossad. I know the money made through the sale of narcotics directly benefited radical left-wing groups most clearly BLM in Washington D.C. I know RJ Cipriani was an FBI informant before the Hanson case, which means the FBI not only constructed the charges on Owen Hanson using Cipriani but did knowingly participate in the trafficking of narcotics to the direct benefit of the Democrat Party. It was a Five Eyes ratline, not a criminal investigation. The criminal investigation of Hanson was a charade manufactured by Cipriani and the FBI itself to cover for the operation. Hanson was the fall guy. Here’s a question for the FBI. If I’m supposed to believe Cipriani’s version of events, what would be Cipriani’s interest be in the alumni database manager at USC? Did you recruit Mr. Hanson? I think you did.

    6. The FBI failed to interview Jason Aldean’s managers who just one year prior were tasked with finding venues for his 2016 Australian Tour. Conspicuously absent from the locations are any of the known venues used for money laundering. Did his managers have any interaction with any of these venues, The Star Sydney, any Echo Entertainment Group venues, etc.? Did his managers have any interaction with Mr. Hodge directly? Were any venues rejected out of concern for the expectation of participation in money laundering usually made as a cash deposit on the venue repaid in clean money after the actual event? See Andrew McManus.

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