Could the Las Vegas 2017 mass shooting have been Antifa and ISIS?

Was the shooter at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas alone or is there a conspiracy somewhere? We may never know.

Americans for Intelligence Reform does not claim this article is truth or fiction. We run this today in memory of Rich Higgins, a Senior Fellow for Americans for Intelligence Reform. While it is interesting reading, whether Mr Higgins took the report seriously or not is unknown.

Trump National Security Council Official Received Report on Multiple Shooters And ANTIFA And ISIS Involvement In Las Vegas Shooting

1 thought on “Could the Las Vegas 2017 mass shooting have been Antifa and ISIS?

  1. Brad,
    About the event that is ” Close To Your Heart “, Rt. 91 !!

    Do certain Individuals make what I call A, ” Trophy Video ” ??
    And disguise it as an,…….TV ” Interview”,
    A Video of ” themselves ” being a ” First Res-ponder ”
    A video ” Accidentally Capturing ” the Event !!!
    A Video of capturing others with them,….being present !!!
    Here’s a Strange one,…Acting like a ” PRIVATE ” Social Media Information
    reporter,…. having a cell phone , a Police scanner
    a ” Live Feed ” and others, very close, with cell phones.
    AND,…… communicating with others, with the VERY same
    setup !!

    A video of “themselves having been hired to do a job ” that night!!
    Now the worst,…A video captured by themselves,…. going through the venue
    capturing on a vid. ,…. the Very Face of many deceased,
    and the very, body’s, and bloody ground of those
    who are deceased.
    Like, …… Who goes through the venue capturing the very face of many,…
    to ” Check ” to see if they are dead ?? NOT the concern of a normal
    ” First Res-ponder ” !!
    Thanks Brad.

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