Crimea: Update on Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine soldiers

Brad Johnson, retired CIA Senior Operative, gives an update on the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Crimea, now mainly controlled by the Russians, remains a source of conflict.

1 thought on “Crimea: Update on Ukraine and Russia

  1. And who’s to blame for this? NATO listens to whatever the U.N. tells them. The U.N.’s controlled by Chyna (or was) and still, yet again, hasn’t solved a single conflict in the history of its existence. E.U.’s private army of mercenaries doesn’t make things any better either. How does a country that controls about a fourth of land on the entire planet still have the economy less than the size of progressive California? Here’s a thought, maybe if people stopped relying on all these beloved international globalists like the I.C.C. maybe something could have been prevented. Soebarkah did tell Medvedev he’ll have “more flexibility after election” after all, nothing to see here.

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